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Too hot to handle, Paid

Fancy getting paid to watch ‘Too Hot to Handle’ - £100 per episode?

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Update Feb 2022: Entries are now closed! We had over 17,000 applicants - thanks all for your support.

We’re looking for a ‘Dating Show Dissector’ to watch dating show episodes in 2022 and take notes - ideal if you’re looking forward to the newest seasons of ‘Too Hot to Handle’, ‘The Cabins’, ‘Love Island’ and other dating show favourites.

We’re looking to find someone enthusiastic to watch dating shows and take notes. This is to help our content team to create the ultimate ‘dos and don’ts of dating’ for our social media channels, blog, and email newsletter, to stop POM singletons from making the same mistakes!

Our ideal candidate isn’t someone that loves reality TV simply for the gossip and drama but someone who really enjoys these kinds of shows for the insight it gives into human behaviour, especially when it comes to dating.

TV schedules are forever changing so working hours for the role will be flexible as some weeks there will be more shows to watch than others, however in return our ‘Dating Show Dissector’ will earn £100 per episode, which equates to approximately a £40k a year salary as we predict an average of 7 hours work each week. 

We also want to make it as easy as possible for our employee to carry out the role, therefore we will cover the cost for all TV subscriptions and licenses they require, including a Netflix and NOW TV account. 

It’s not essential to be a professional writer as we are looking for talent and passion, not experience. If you have good written English skills, a reliable internet connection and way to watch the dating shows, want to earn money for every dating show episode you watch and want to work for one of the UK’s hottest new dating apps, fill out the form below by 28th January 2022 for a chance to be considered:

-- Entries closed --

Please note, we are after someone aged 18 or over, given the adult nature of some dating shows.

Vihan Patel, founder of POM, said,

“Dating shows are clearly no longer just a guilty pleasure - everyone seems to be watching them! We thought it would be a great idea to take everyone’s favourite TV genre and turn it into some valuable life lessons and amazing content for our users.

“What’s also really exciting about this role is that we’re not looking for someone with masses of experience. What’s important is that our new hire brings the right level of passion and vibe to the team. Plus, we think this is the perfect job to start early 2022 with; people can get cosy and get paid for something they might already be doing for free!”

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