We’re paying £5,000 to one lucky festival goer to visit music festivals and rate how good they are for singletons

Cover Image for We’re paying £5,000 to one lucky festival goer to visit music festivals and rate how good they are for singletons

We are offering the dream job this summer for any single music lover. We want to pay our new ‘Singleton Specialist’ to go to five major UK music festivals - Wireless, Latitude, Strawberries & Creem Festival, Boomtown and Reading - and basically rate how good they are for singletons. 

The successful applicant will be paid £1,000 per festival for up to five festivals, plus free entry and expenses for travel costs, camping gear and food, as well as free entry for two friends to join them (to ensure they stay safe as a singleton festival goer!)

As well as payment and expenses, the lucky candidate will get to enjoy the full experience at each festival as a singleton, to help us create content for our blog and social media channels about the best festivals to go to if you’re single and looking for love.

We want to find out about the age ranges of festival attendees, the facilities, any options for single people and how friendly other attendees are - such as are they willing to have a conversation and is it easy enough to make friends.  

Applicants of course must be aged 18 and over, and be free and willing to attend the festivals on the specific dates that they are taking place.

We're looking to find someone who is enthusiastic, confident and single. This is to give us the most authentic take on how accommodating the festivals are for finding love and as part of our core belief that people can genuinely connect through the ‘Power of Music’!

Our ideal candidate will be a lover of music and festivals. We’ll need our new ‘Singleton Specialist’ to help us create reviews of each festival for other singletons on POM. But don’t worry we don’t need them to be a professional writer, however we do ask that applicants have good written communication skills.

The closing date for applications is 11th May and please apply via the app here! 

We suspect the ‘Singleton Specialist’ role is going to be a hit, so if it sounds like a bit of you, then apply today - and good luck!